Monday, April 14, 2008


SO THIS is what it's like.

HERE IS A WEB SITE THAT I VISITED and liked. I will "web log" it.


With the Wright business and now with this, the more nuanced version of the Clinton line has been that what 'we' think is not really the point. It's what Republicans will do with it in the fall. And that's a real concern that I definitely have. I won't deny it. I've never thought Obama was a perfect candidate. But as we get deeper into the primary calendar, increasingly so, this 'what the Republicans will do' line has become more of a simulacrum, or a license, if you will, to do what Republicans actually do do. That is to say, to grab for political advantage by peddling stereotypes about Democrats and liberals that are really no less offensive than the ones we're talking about about Americans from small town and rural America.

That is all


comoprozac said...

same old, same old

chrismealy said...

What about Clinton's doo-doo simulacrum?!

Matilda said...

Very interesting points that I would have missed had you not "web logged" that. Apropos stereotypes, is there any reason (other than the stereotypical Democratic failure to get the memo about winning defense/offense ratios) that no one has ever called Republicans on legislating based on the worst possible stereotypes about Americans (i.e., that they are lazy freeloaders who will abuse any system that provide supports)?