Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I CAN UNDERSTAND how I might forget that Vancouver will be the site of the Winter Olympics (a sporting event) in 2010.

BUT TO FORGET that its mascot is a Sasquatch? SHAME ON ME.

ACTUALLY, "QUATCHI" is one of three mascots for the Vancouver Olympics, all of which are either MYTHOLOGICAL or CRYPTOZOOLOGICAL, because


That is all.

(AND, PLUS: even the mascots have a mascot. FINALLY)


anne said...

I think you might also enjoy The The Official Theme Song for the 2010 Vancouver/Whistler Olympics (The Dead Children Were Worth It!)...

M said...

What about those pesky attempts to squash free speech by Canada's overly zealotous HRC?

The Curiously Dull Mint said...

I'm glad Canada is perfect because that's where I'll be moving if Obama doesn't become president.

Unknown said...

If Canada is so perfect, why isn't Obama already president there, huh?

Lydia said...

Thank you so much! I am in Vancouver as well. That is because I live here.

Liza said...

The mascot microsite has a personality quiz where one of the questions is, "If I could have any superpower, it would be..."

I was so chuffed, I had to capture a shot of it: superpowers.jpg

Clearly, an indirect homage to you, JH - though they did not include invisibility. Perhaps to spare the small children from being corrupted early?


Jess said...

Bah, Canada. When is Melbourne going to be given its due and be allowed to host the Winter Olympics? I think it's so unfair that we in Australia continue to be overlooked simply because what we consider "winter" many others would consider to be "a bit cool out." I happen to believe that skiing would be infinitely more interesting if it occurred on a dirt slope. And think how much more challenging ice skating would be if the ice in question was STILL A LIQUID?

I'm just saying.

jere7my said...

Quatchi's mellow, guttural little voice both charms and alarms me. "QUAtchiii. QUAtchiii." I want my pillow to make that noise when I lay down to sleep.

As for the others: Miga, the half-orca, half-bear mascot, I understand. I am confused about Sumi, who "wears the hat of the orca whale." Do orca whales wear hats? If so, can I too wear the hat of the orca whale? That is something to look forward to, if so, as is the ability to purchase Mukmuk mukluks.