Wednesday, May 14, 2008


"TWENTY YEARS AGO WHEN I WANTED TO BE A WRITER? A big part of the dream was being able to put little videos on the internet."

The great and lovely and smart and funny DENNIS CASS promotes his paperback edition of HEAD CASE.

If you support greatness, loveliness, smartness, and funniness, YOU SHOULD BUY IT.

AND I'M NOT JUST SAYING SO because, long ago, when I really needed it, Cass took me to lunch at the North Food Court at the Mall of America.



Anonymous said...

"I am smiling. I will work on my smile"

Unknown said...

Well, shoot. Awryone quoted the line I was going to quote.

Now I am not smiling and I still have to work on my smile.

Unknown said...

Also, I strongly support loveliness, smartness, and funniness.

However, greatness and I have had a serious falling out, so I cannot in good conscience buy this book.

I am sorry.

Anton Seim said...

That video just made me want to quit the internet.

Is it too late to go back to paper-backs and magazines. Are newspapers dead too?

P. Little said...

How close to Winnipeg were you while in Canada if you're now in Minneapolis?!

Oh, and that video was golden. It's both "cool" in that all that promotion mentioned could totally be done on one's own, thus not requiring any real financial backing; and also "scary", in that there are SO MANY places on the internet one apparently needs to be in order to properly promote oneself.

Yay paperbacks!

bcwoods said...

Because the thought of you feeling down while having lunch in the mall of America makes me feel sad, I am going to deflect this emotion by posting this youtube url

Thomas Burchfield said...

Great! A few writers buzz by my blog. I shall let them know. Extremely--and painfully--pertinent.

OrAreWe Artists said...

just wanted say that my new favorite song is "vista blues"... awesome.

Annaimports said...
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M said...

My comment is slightly OT, but after seeing one of John's most recent Mac commercials, the one where he's dressed and croons like a country western singer, I was all smiles. Gotta love it!

Jacob Karnas said...

As an author, you're really big on eBay...

Anonymous said...

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Alex Andronov said...

As an Author, who has told nobody about my book, this has shamed me into telling you about my book: The book with the missing first page.

Buy the book - no this is not an Ellen reference.

Anonymous said...



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