Tuesday, June 03, 2008


AS YOU PROBABLY KNOW BY NOW, as you are all internet users, Gervais picked FLIGHT over INVISIBILITY when given the choice.

APPARENTLY, he was afraid that if he chose flight, I would curse him with the ability to only fly a few feet above the ground.

(APPARENTLY, he was also under the impression that I was actually able to magically grant him a superpower).

THEN HE ASKED ME about my nipples.


HE HAS THE NICE, QUICKTIME version on his website. GO THERE.

BUT AS I CAN'T FIGURE OUT how to "embed" that version, here is a fuzzy, Youtubic version:

BUT REALLY, go to Ricky's site, as he has much more to offer, and you ought to really enjoy the work of GUY, the nice fellow behind the camera, in its full glory.

That is all.


Brad O'Farrell said...

I'm just.

Sittin' here.

Appreciating that you don't know how to embed a Quicktime file.

That's really funny.

(I mean, I'm not trying to sound like an arrogant jerk, I've never embedded one before, it's just funny because, y'know, you and quicktime and trivial knowledge...)

McShowoff said...

I agree fully that tiny penises for nipples over titty testes is a no-brainer . But I thought of some other possible snags in your superpowers choice. What if you have the power of flight, but you can never land? You must always fly. And on the other hand, what if you must always stay invisible if that is your superpower? Things to think of. Can't take this superpowers thing too lightly, whether or not you actually have the power to grant them.

SG said...
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SG said...

It really must feel *so* satisfying to make Gervais laugh, what with the way he puts his whole body into it.
Even if he is a bit cackle-y.

But really, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday.
So Happy Birthday, you clever, polite, funny little man you.

Stepher said...

Sound logic.

Well done.

Ellen said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday.
Thanks for giving us all a present.
That video of you and Ricky was fabuloso!

Mark Elliot Cullen said...

A questionable friend sent me a link recently. He was unaware you had a blog, but since I'm a frequent reader I'd like to take this opportunity to ask... SO WHAT DO YOU MAKE OF THIS?:


"Dude, can I take the pants off now?"

"Call me 'Administrator!"

"Administrator," Mac said obediently, and rubbed against PC sensually.

mik3cap said...

It needn't be a rhetorical question for much longer:


The same team in Scotland is working on BOTH of these superpowers. (I don't mean tiny penises or breast-icles, a different team of scientists in Japan is working on both of those)

Thomas Burchfield said...

Happy Birthday, sir.

Regarding large breasts for testes, it would be very hard (and painful to walk around and I'd be very worried about the nipple bumps, esp. in cold weather.

AS for the "superpower question" I say, resoundingly say "BOTH" and before you object that you can only pick one, allow me to say that is NOT true in the case of Dracula.