Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hobo Sign and Coastal Life
Originally uploaded by greyaenigma.
SINCE I HAVE DRAWN your attention to these fine and persistent contributors to the H IN SUNRAYS POOL at flickr.

HERE IS A PROVOCATIVE ONE FROM greyaenigma, who shares my fondness for the strangeness of barnacles, et al.

That is all.


Jacob Karnas said...

IT IS QUITE AMUSING that around Tucson, Arizona- either by group or individual- more and more of these continue to appear.

Tim said...

Hobo signs, or barnacles? Because, if sea creatures are showing up in Tucson, I think we may have a very bizarre invasion on our hands.

Jacob Karnas said...

RL TEAM-UP between Hobos and barncales?

Sounds like a force to be reckoned with.

Unknown said...

Blisterin' 'boes!

I only wish the words carved into the rock (and slightly outlined by barnacles) showed up more clearly.

Christen said...

Dear Mr. Hodgman,

This person says some very nice things about you, but the rest of the article is very annoying.

C.T. Pope said...

Vis-a-vis Christen, the link to the story didn't work, so click here or here

Which leads me to this Mac vs. PC craziness: last night of all times and places, I ran into Justin Long at a dive bar in Traverse City, MI (apparently his GF, Drew Barrymore, is filming a movie up there). What I was doing in a dive bar in the first place, I'll never know. Anyway, he seemed pleasant and said he'd be seeing you next week -- say hello!

Sharpie said...

I'm sure it's been brought to your attention before, but the pop-culture/humor/stick-figure-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Kingdom of Loathing has a huge new feature called "Hobopoblis," and the Big Boss is Hodgman, the Hoboverlord. Any relation?