Tuesday, July 22, 2008


THEN YOU KNOW these facts about tonight's SECRET SHOW/CRAFT NIGHT at the Rendezvous:

YES, commenter known as "bourgeoispig," I will read "Top Spots for Crab," because it has a LOCAL ANGLE.

(ALSO, update your blog!)


YES, commenter known as "adriane," is is free of charge.

BUT FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, buy alcohol (or non-alcohol) and tip heavily: it's a bar!

SEE YOU THEN (8pm) at the VOO.

That is all.


James said...

damn my extreme distance from Mass! I wish you the best with your show, John.

mtgordon said...

Do you and/or the venue have a camera policy?

Brad O'Farrell said...


I made plans to see your show. I even put it on my Google Calender and invited people!

Then when looking up directions I find out it's not even in New York City!

Darn it. I just assumed everything was in New York City unless stated otherwise AS EVERYONE SHOULD.

It's fine. I have a fever anyway. BUT I WAS GOING TO GO TO YOUR SHOW ANYWAY. With a fever.

Anyway you can count on not getting any halfhearted, shaky, fevery applause from ME tonight. I hope you're happy!!!

I need to go lay down.

Brad O'Farrell said...

I just noticed I said "show" instead of "reading." I will blame that on my fever and your charisma.

jaz said...

And if you didn't hear him, you can download the show here:

I'm sorry, was that tacky?

Stepher said...

When a Secret Show occurs in my neck of the woods I will attend; until that time I will live vicariously through my fellow commenters.


Glenn Johnson said...

I attended and would like to thank you for your advice, John. I blogged about it at apathynation.wordpress.com.

(I just didn't want Jaz to feel like she was the only one posting gratuitous links.)

Tits McGee said...

Smooches and big thanks for the autograph!