Friday, August 29, 2008



AND SOMETHING Democrats are perhaps unused to,

IT REVEALS just how much Obama/Biden are in charge of this conversation.

That is all.


Dan Warren said...

Hell yes.

Anonymous said...


my first reaction, honestly, was kind of giddy. i thought the choice showed desperation & would straightjacket mccain's offense against obama.

which is all true.

but a few hours later, i'm finding the choice depressing. not only because of it's based on an insultingly reductive understanding of female voters (samantha bee's piece on this was hilarious, btw). but because, in these very early hours, the media seems to be buying the mccain campaign's line about palin & obama's "inexperience" being comparable.

which is, of course, total BS.

barack obama is preparED to be president because he has dedicated himself to preparING. he's an astute and supple thinker who has applied himself to understanding the complexities of the issues facing America and to formulating forward-thinking policy in response. my favorite illustration of his competence is the lead from this article from the jerusalem post.

sarah palin has not prepared herself to step onto the national stage. in 2007, she admitted she had no opinions about iraq. she hasn't spent the time in-between studying up: her remarks on iraq in a time mag interview from 2 weeks ago she are meandering and baffling. her signature domestic policy platform seems to be a short-sighted embrace of drilling, a stance that's obviously inadequate to our long-term energy needs.

andrew sullivan is right: mccain's showing a profound misunderstanding of his opponent. and i hope the media isn't suckered into making the same mistake.

Unknown said...

A friend of mine describes this veep choice as McCain jumping the shark.

Brad O'Farrell said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Solonor Rasreth said...

I was initially thinking this was a neat trick. A surprise move to shake things up and steal some thunder from Obama's kick-ass speech. Once I took 10 seconds to think about it, I realized how monumentally idiotic a choice it was. Even if I liked McCain, it's just dumb politically to take out their #1 talking point against Obama (that he's not experienced enough), and to make Obama's choice of Biden seem unbelievably Presidential in comparison.

Which just goes to show you how much of a man that I am in my thinking. Because every single woman I've spoken to, starting with my wife, didn't need 10 seconds to be instantly insulted by the blatantly pandering choice.

But at least he's got Alaska sewn up now. 3 electoral votes down!

portablelife said...

I love how Samantha Bee's character on the Daily show put it (something like), "Ofcourse I'm voting for McCain now because I can only think with my lady parts and can't tell the difference between two women who have completely opposite stances on issues that directly effect my life."

J-Money said...

The selection of Sarah Palin reminds me of when Black & Decker said they made a drill for women, but instead it was just a regular drill with a pink handle.