Thursday, August 28, 2008


I KNOW THE POLITICS CAN GET TEDIOUS, especially when all I'm doing is goofing around over at Twitter.

BUT I AGREE WITH RACHEL MADDOW, this would have been a great keynote.

BUT RATHER THAN REGRET, I will do my small part to remind those who didn't see it on TV (like me) that this actually happened.

BECAUSE, as you will see, it's not just politics.

That is all.

ALSO, congratulations, Doctor.


chrismealy said...

Karl Rove said, "I run all of my campaigns as if people were watching television with the sound turned down."

Schweitzer is just as awesome with the sound off. He's like the happiest smiliest baby ever. Seriously, watch him for 30 seconds with no sound.

DeleteMe said...

I cannot WAIT to see Stephen Root's portrayal of him in the movie version.

Anonymous said...

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