Friday, June 30, 2006


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Herewith an important document pertaining to hobo-related art--another happy remote connection made via this effort, which I had nothing to do with and, which, therefore, is all the more amazing to me.

Writes, Sally Brock, of the gallery:

"I found this artist from the 700 hoboes show based on your recording- (via contacted her and gave her a show:

On display through July at Fancy + Pants
Rachel Schafer
of San Francisco

Her newest series of paintings feature hobos and their sad little daughters [sad b/c daddy is a hobo] caught up in various tear-jerking scenarios -like gaining weight, sitting by the phone, looking forlornly at be-daddied pairs at the amusement park, etc. Inspired by the John Hodgman recording of 700 Hobo Names

Opening reception Saturday July 8, 7-9 p.m. Hobo style refreshments will be served"

Apparently, you can also buy underpants at this very gallery, or near it.

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Annje said...

Sounds like a pleasant evening. Go see some neat art and then stock up on long underwear next door.