Monday, June 12, 2006

"It is a short and not altogether unpleasant walk from the Chinatown"


I was reminded recently that I failed to mention Mazmanian's new reading series in our nation's capital.

I shall not make the error again.

Not only is Mazmanian a tall friend with good taste, but this well-received event is being held at the Warehouse Theater, where Mazmanian, David Rees, and Jonathan Coulton performed two of our most memorable reading/guitaring/overhead projecting programs of our lives, in no small part because the audience brought whiskey.

In the words of Mazmanian: "First I'm going to hang; then I'm going to chill." I urge you to do the same.


Mr. F.W. Thomas is allowing us one more thrilling evening of readings, artistic display and song before leaving for his summer vacations in parts unknown. The pleasure of your company is kindly requested at this, the last edition of the F.W. Thomas Performances until Sept. 18. Please come and soak in elevating proceedings as if it were your last night on earth, because in many ways, it will be.

Our event will again occur at the Warehouse Theater on Monday June 12 at 7:30PM. Admission is $3. The Warehouse Theater is located at 1017-1021 7th Street NW. It is a short and not altogether unpleasant walk from the Chinatown/Gallery Place Metro. Phone is 202 783 3933.

The June 12 event will feature:

• Andrew Beaujon, managing editor of the Washington City Paper and a former senior contributing writer for Spin will read from his new book, "Body Piercing Saved My Life."

• T.M. Lowery, cartoonist, artist and creator of the Skeleton Kids will present more hilarious items from his illustrated personal journal and offer advice to the spiritually flummoxed, lost and lovelorn.

• Adam Mazmanian, host of the FW Thomas Affairs, reading the short story, “The Boomer Problem.”

• Josh McIlvain, a singer, author and songwriter living in New York City, where he performs his own compositions under the mysterious and alluring name of Sex Cop.

•Matthew Summers-Sparks humorist and short story writer whose work has been published in The New York Times, Mississippi Review, and McSweeney’s, reading stories.

The F.W. Thomas Performances will be hosted and introduced by yours truly, Adam Mazmanian, a writer living in D.C., a contributor to the Washington City Paper, and the un-credited inventor of the “rule of three.”

The series is named for F.W. Thomas (1811-1866), the attorney, novelist, satirist, polemicist, poet, journalist, government employee and a dear personal friend of Edgar Allan Poe.

For more information on Mr. Thomas please visit: this website

For more information on the Warehouse Theater, please visit: this other website


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