Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Often Mediocre Work of Ken Plume

I normally don't repeat a press release verbatim, but I have Ken Plume on the phone, and this is what he has to say about his new internet venture:

"The regrettable and rather lackluster internet efforts of Ken Plume may now be found once more at QUICKSTOP ENTERTAINMENT. You may recall the often mediocre work of Mr. Plume from such ventures as and his important contributions to the historiography of the Muppets, and he will also be appearing as Henchman #20 in the forthcoming season of THE VENTURE BROTHERS, premiering this Sunday. He is told he sounds like Jeff Goldblum." END COPY.

You should check out Plume's interviews with Terry Gilliam and other Americans who like or look like Muppets at this website, and supposedly he will finally air via podcast a conversation he had with the author of my book finally, finally.

That is all.

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