Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Originally uploaded by Ape Lad.
PLEASE NOTE the lengths to which Ape Lad will go.

I ADVISE: do not cross him.

AND I AGREE: if that iPod supported one more line of type, you could have gotten a proper h-in-sunrays on there. Anyone know anyone at Apple Computer who could fix this?



Anonymous said...

It was either that or "apply directly to the forehead".

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how much stuff you make ApeLad!! I wish to be as creative as you with this project some day. Its really fun to see the stuff everyone does here.

Jeanrw said...

i'm telling you these evil squat bots must be foiled

hodg-man said...

Lad--are you referring to the bot ad above?

Anonymous said...

I was referring to the laser engraving. But I do hope Amin is someday able to build a blog like this.
On another note, I'll be visiting Utah shortly and will be sure to do my part in advising the Wasatch front that it is time. Although they may already be partially aware.

Jeanrw said...

I do think a commercial message such as "How would you like to give your loved one the gift of infinite knowledge and cocksure confidence?" and then of course referencing your fine contribution to the murder of trees as being the purrfect Yuletide trinket would be entirely appropriate thing to do on this little web log of yours. I plan on giving one or two of these fine items to people on my list.

Annje said...

If I owned a IPOD I'd put your cover on it ApeLad..Major Kudos!!

rica said...

What is Apelad? Is that some type of a ringtone for iPod as I have noticed that there's a lot fo comments related to ringtones in here?

Anonymous said...

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