Wednesday, December 06, 2006


H in Sideways
Originally uploaded by Ape Lad.
If you did not catch it in the coments, APE LAD JUST EXPLODED MY BRAIN, both with his Keaton-knowlegde, and with his bizarre cinematic find.

Herewith his comment:

"While I can't confirm the authenticity of the good captain's find (although I suspect it is real), I came across something interesting. I had recently seen that very episode of Arrested Development as well as Steamboat Bill, Jr, the source of the original stunt to which the homage is being paid.

"While I appreciated the allusion (even down to the characters names: Buster Keaton/Buster Bluth. It's like they wrote the whole show just to make that clever reference), something was left unsettled in the back of my mind.

"Upon a repeated viewing of SB,Jr, I realized what it was: Buster Keaton performs the stunt with his back to the falling facade. It may seem subtle, but that is the difference between Keaton and Tony Hale and anyone else who seeks to emulate him. In my opinion anyway.

"Also, I stumbled upon this incredibly shocking (sorry) frame of film. Although it is obviously manipulated, it was not done by me. This can be attested to by downloading (free and legal) and viewing Steamboat Bill, Jr from here and paying close attention to 1:02:03."



That is all.


DeleteMe said...

Um, that's not a "Sideways H in Sunrays"; that's a "Serif I in Sunrays": i.e., "It is time for the Itinerant to rise up and take over the United States government."

Completely different deal.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this will explode your brain even further.

Anonymous said...

Brain Explosions are good. When not trying to explode my brain I also find myself idly staring at old carpet. This usually induces a sense of meta-fasicationism which perpetuates me down a yellow brick road into Nietzscheland. There I find I can actually contemplate such things as the why ferrets like to steal socks and how plaid was invented