Friday, December 08, 2006


MERLIN uploaded this one--is it carved in wet cement?

IF YOU GO TO HIS SITE, 43Folders you will see a heartbreaking, hopeful post from a brief time when the fate of James Kim was still uncertain. I did not know Kim, but I am realizing I know, at least obliquely, many who did. I find his and his family's story almost unbearably sad, and now doubly so, so I will leave it at that.

TONIGHT is Laura Cantrell at Mo Pitkin's. I will not be there, but you should go if you can. Wear a scarf.

That is all.


Merlin Mann said...

Carved, I confess, by its photographer in wet cement. Let future generations recall that epoch before the uprising and how its call was sounded.

The Kim family story weighs on me. When I wrote that, for whatever reason, I really thought they'd find him okay. I didn't know him either (some of my friends did), but it's still just unbearable to even imagine their situation, then as well as now.

slippmann said...

I think what makes James Kim's passing so troubling is that here was an incredibly bright, resourceful person, someone we'd hope to be like in the case of emergency, and yet, even with all that, mother nature overtook him.
I've spent many empty minutes thinking...what would I have done?