Monday, April 09, 2007


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AND TO THE CITY ITSELF for reviving my spirits. Karlin and I could not have had a more glorious night day in the city of rolling temps.

PLEASE NOTE the information contained in the flyer attached regarding various appearances in the public school system.



Charlie Grey said...

I am envy. I don't suppose you'd be interested in visiting a small town about 4 states to the east? I can't promise deep fried treasures, but I can promise an absolute bevy of surly hoboes. And that's just as good, really.

Unknown said...

NOooo! If only I had checked this blog yesterday morning! Alas, I missed the event, a mere handful of miles from where I'm currently staying. No plans to appear in Chicago next week Mr. Hodgman?

Unknown said...

D'oh. I wish I could've gone, but Chicago is, due to its inconvenient placement on the map, a few states away from Brooklyn.

DeleteMe said...

PS107 is around the corner from me and the other day I walked by with my two-year-old Sam and saw the flyer and said, "Look, Sam, there's my homie," and Sam said, "THAT'S NOT RIGHT!!!!"

So, note well: We are not homies.

Also, the pictures of you, Rakoff and Vowell make it seem like the three of you will be doing all the Crazy People Monologues from Kubrik's movies. Is this so?

J Gall. said...
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J Gall. said...

To J. Hodgeman, Esq.:

You are a genius and a gentlemen and I did not know that you had such a giving nature to your friends in the ether of cyberspace. (Is it even called that anymore?) I have been an admirer of your work for many years now and have spent the past three days eating work time following every link on your amazing blog. If only I were to live as bold as you. Write, amazing hobo-fearer, write.

Best wishes,

Jason Gallagher from the Queen City soon to be from the big O!