Sunday, April 15, 2007


FIRST, this photograph from "CRYPTONAUT" of poor COULTON's vandalized, buckskin back. It dates all the way back to North Carolina. DID I BLOG IT BEFORE?

ONLY YOU PEOPLE CAN ANSWER, because I do not know how to work the archives.

SECOND, through some mysterious action unknown to me, the book I wrote is now available for sale from Amazon for close to zero dollars.


TO DATE, the only explanation for this is that they may have come from A DAMAGED SKID, and perhaps themselves may be slightly damaged.


OTHERWISE, enjoy the bargain, should you so choose.

That is all.


John said...

After searching both my memory and the archives, I do not believe that you have blogged this picture before; even if you had, however, I think we can all agree that it would have been worth a second look.

Blogvine said...

I caught Grindhouse this weekend. It includes faux trailers before & between the films of the double feature release. BUT, there is a faux trailer that was included in only a few screenings of Grindhouse, and not in wide release. It was the winner of a contest, some guys from Canada won...

Check this out: "Hobo With a Shotgun"

Aaron Priven said...

I would be willing to put a small mark on my copy and put an Amazon bargain books sticker on it if it meant I would get back $9.

Or alternatively I would accept $9 in airline fares.

Let me know if this is a possibility.

JM said...

I do not think this picture has been in your blog before now.

Gina said...

BUT does it have the "As seen on TV" sticker I stole from my local bookstore to place, lovingly and stalker-like on my signed copy?


Then I see no incentive. That sticker is the definition of awesome.

C.T. Pope said...

I for one, am glad to have payed full-price for a genuine first print hardcover at my locally owned bookstore (sure to be a collectors item in years future). But then again, I didn't get the edition with the dragon cover.

Allan said...

My copy of 'Areas' is defaced in a manner much like Mr. Coulton's jacket.
Cryptic? Perhaps.