Wednesday, June 20, 2007


AS I WAS ESCAPING jury duty yesterday, I learned that the white-haired, sharp-tongued jury clerk quoted throughout this blog was, and is, named Walter.

IF YOU MEET HIM, do not cross him.


That is all.


Unknown said...

You seem really taken with that guy. Witty, good voice. Is it possible he's missed his calling and is a public radio gem just waiting to be harvested?

Quirk said...

There is a hobo on this photo page that you might enjoy:

Mel (Great Name!) said...

I have a feeling if you go back to the courthouse to look for him you'll find his office empty and a janitor will be mopping inside. 'Where's Walter?' you'll ask, but he'll just reply 'Walter? There was never a Walter here.' Then, dejected, you'll walk outside into the cool night and look up to the sky where'll you see a star shimmer...perhaps a sign?

Thomas Burchfield said...

Too bad you didn't get picked. What a great jury foreman you would have been.

Roderick said...

If I was on trial and saw you sitting in the jury box I'd be kinda freaked out.

Just sayin'

Unknown said...

Civics, democracy, humor and a little jury romance

By Maria Ma

Several times a week, Walter Schretzman does his best song and dance for a captive audience that would rather be, frankly, anywhere else.


wschretz said...

my girlfriend googled me last night and we read your blog and the comments-she was pleased and gave me a nice kiss on the forehead.
Thank you.

Figgie125 said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Walter S yesterday and watching his act. The guy had me rolling. He's hysterical. I'll colunteer for jury duty again before 6 years is up just to catch him again. THANK WALTER! You made jury duty the most entertaining it's ever been for me!