Monday, August 13, 2007


I REGRET I have been away for so long. I have been traveling and without a steady stream of ELECTRONIC INFORMATION PACKETS DELIVERED VIA THE AIR.

BUT NOW I HAVE THEM, including this very interesting packet from one who claims to be ".28", a numbered member of the mysterious EARONS. From the comments...


" .28 said...

"Anonymity is a great thing. At this point of my musical journey, in order to get a record deal, what you look like and the color of your skin determines the genre that you’ll be put in. That thing we call musical category. For me, music has always been universal. The concept of The Earons was designed to listen to the music and forget whether we had long hair, green hair, “punk” hair, black or white, listen to the music, and have a good time. I will always be grateful to Chris Blackwell for taking us and giving us a chance at Island Records to explore this concept we call The Earons.

"Were in a Land of Hunger, a land of waste, kinda makes you wonder about this place.

"We not only hunger for food but we hunger for love and understanding here on earth.

"PEACE TO ALL, ( .28)"


.28 IS STILL MYSTERIOUS, but obviously welcome here should the WHITE MOTORCYCLE HELMET OF DESTINY ever wish to make contact again.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE, members and non-members of the EARONS alike.

That is all.


Annje said...

Thanks for the information Hodg-man. Glad to know you are ok. Was worried with the whole Tornado in Brooklyn thing. Hope your place is ok. Now back to lurkdom.


RedCircleLine said...

oh, thank heavens you're back. I heard you on The Sound of Young America, which is what made me realize i hadtohadtoHADto have your book. i now have it. and my delight...can't be measured on any standard scale of delight, really.
i think i need to be your friend.

Weird El said...

Beginning comments are hard to 'word..'

But I'm glad we all got a little hope on the subject of the Earons.
Thank you, .28, and thank you, John Hodgman. For a few more fans might be made of this mysterious band.


Serenaded Hourly said...

How do you imagine that guy refers to himself? Like, as "Point Two Eight"? Or, "Twenty-eight hundredths"? Maybe some weird variation such as "Dot Twenty-eight"? If that were my name, I'd say it like a trucker: "Point Two Eighter."

Any advice on the correct pronunciation would be appreciated.

N. Gervais said...

I'm not sure if you are aware of these. But, here you are...
Lobster Pops!