Thursday, December 20, 2007


AND "GAUNTLET" is a bingo.

WON'T YOU PLEASE JOIN US on January 19th at 826NYC in Brooklyn for the upcoming


AT WHICH the renowned and goodhearted tutoring center/superhero supply company hosts a SCRABBLE COMPETITION featuring many teams, including one composed of:

1) ME
2) the foreigner, JOHN OLIVER

THE CHEATING PART can be explained thusly: in order to raise money for the 826NYC organization (A GOOD CAUSE), you people of the internet and beyond are asked to

BUY "CHEATS" for the team of your choice.

SUCH CHEATS include:
  1. Trade out a letter—$25
  2. Wheel of Fortune: buy a vowel—$50
  3. Flip a letter over and make it blank—$100
  4. Add 10 to any letter’s value—$150
  5. Add Q, Z, or X to any word, anywhere—$200
  6. Passport: play a word in any language—$250
  7. Consult the dictionary for one turn—$300
  8. Consult the Scrabble word list for one turn—$400
  9. Reject another team’s word—$450
  10. Invent a word (must have a definition)—$500

NOW, AS JACKIE MCLEOD AND KIERA KNOW, I am normally very strict about the rules of SCRABBLE.

HOWEVER I MAKE AN EXCEPTION IN THIS CASE and urge you to buy some cheats for Oliver so that he can spell words incorrectly like "HONOUR" and "COLOUR" and "GAOL" and "GIRAUFFE" and feel at home, at last.

OR ALTERNATELY, form or join your own team and START GUNNING FOR US.

SO WON'T YOU PLEASE help us cheat?

That is all.


Nedostup said...

That's the best idea ever. If only all charity was so fun.

Perry Gerakines said...

Somebody playing that game knows their chemistry terminology...

Annje said...

If I had any monetary funds I'd truly help you and one John Oliver cheat at scrabble especially using words with a "U".

Elizabeth said...

So wish i could be there (but I live far away. sigh). Still, I know people in the area and will nag them to go so I can enjoy it vicacariously.

Lhyzz said...

Can I come watch without actually entering the contest?

JackalFive said...

If you ever come (back?) to Toronto, or anywhere in the Southern Ontario area, I officially challenge you to a Scrabble game.

Not that I'ma GREAT Scrabble player, but I can hold my own. No cheating though.