Tuesday, January 08, 2008


NOW, more than a year after the first*,

ANOTHER timely example of the defining cultural divide of our time: JOCK v. NERD

Ben Silverman, NBC Entertainment Co-Chair, on the canceling of the Golden Globes due to the WGA strike...

'"Sadly, it feels like the nerdiest, ugliest, meanest kids in the high school are trying to cancel the prom. But NBC wants to try to keep that prom alive."'


(OF COURSE I read it)

LET US ONLY HOPE that NBC can finally save the rich kids from the ugly, ugly nerds.

That is all.

*Search under "Klosterman" or "nerd ascendancy" or "Lost."


ramona said...

seems as though Ben Silverman could use a writer.

oh, wait...

Lubab No More said...

I think it's clear that by the time this strike ends the shy girl will come out of her shell, a jock will make friends with a dweeb and Brenda Walsh will lose her virginity.

Adam N. said...

Stupid nerds, taking everyone's fun away.

...Ironic how nerds are now the writers and creators of popular culture.

Dan Telfer said...

It's a comedy when the nerds win and a tragedy when they lose.

I can't think of a way to more clearly illustrate that we need writers than to misinterpret the entire underdog archetype.

I imagine him watching Back to the Future and crying when Biff doesn't get to rape Lorraine McFly.

Stephen Turner said...

Actually, I thought the only reason the Golden Globes were cancelled were that the hot kids (the actors) actually agreed with and were supporting the nerds (the writers), by not crossing picket lines to attend the awards.

So this has really happened because the hot kids and the nerds have banded together ...

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I remember how in school it was always those nerds who were always shaking kids down for lunch money and sticking peoples heads in toilets....

Emily Blake said...

That would be an awesome movie.

The nerds are trying to cancel the prom! We have to save it!

You could have a dance off between the nerds and the popular kids. The nerds would stand in front of the gym, using their scientific gadgets to prevent the popular kids from going in, but the football players would appear and push the nerds around.

This could be the plot to the next High School Musical.

Those guys at NBC are geniuses!

Samuel S. Hunter said...

In a hurry, I read "Jocky vs. Nerd" and while the real post is an important and very real issue, I couldn't help but feel I had lost something when I realized it was not a discussion of a fictitious pairing.

But let's be fair, some nerds are ugly and very mean.

Perry Gerakines said...

Can you cancel a prom when you're locked inside your locker?

Thomas Burchfield said...

Note the juxtaposition of "mean" and "nerds." What would constitute a "mean nerd"? Kicking endless lines of code in a poor hapless jock's face, until his girlfriend dumps him for long tender evenings poring over a concordance to "Ulysses?" Would it be forcing all the jocks to sit through a screening of "L'aventurra" at a Bachelor's Party (which could end with Hodgman jumping out of a cake.)

"Mean Nerds." Like human beings and other sentient creatures, a concept with legs.

Anonymous said...



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