Sunday, January 13, 2008


MY CONCERN isn't that Hillary Clinton and her campaigners might sound like secret racists.


MY CONCERN is that they sound like Karl Rove.

(And I am especially appalled at how quickly one of her supporters deployed the old, disgusting "NOT BLACK ENOUGH" meme--though sadly not surprised. If you saw the documentary STREET FIGHT about the Newark mayoral race--which followed how an older, powerful, entrenched Democratic mayor sabotaged the campaign of his charismatic, young challenger--you would have suspected, as I did, that it was just a matter of time.)

That is all.


Mike V said...

Here, Here!

Well said.

Obama might not be everything I hope he is, but at least he gives me hope.

mike3k said...

That's it exactly! Hillary sounds more like a Republican with her campaign's dirty tricks.

Jeanrw said...

My reasons for liking Obama are one the whole I like his ideas (especially the one the HRC campaign tried to pillory him for, you know, meeting with our enemies)and I want a president that automatically doesn't make half the country wretch. Wretch like I did when Bush was elected (well kinda elected) and then re-elected.

Richard said...

One thing that seems to afflict both Clinton and Obama right now is the way anything said by anyone connected with their campaigns -- or even alleged supporters unconnected to their campaigns -- is being laid at the feet of the candidates themselves. Everyone should know by now that political campaigns are monstrously huge multi-headed creatures that aren't under the direct control of the individuals running for office. (Anyone interested in politics should have seen The Candidate at least once.) But both sides are now so eager to excuses to take offense that anything said by any surrogate is held up as representing the candidate...and the candidates are drawn into answering these proxy attacks. This race has become a massive case of "let's you and him fight" and it can't end too soon to suit me.