Thursday, January 24, 2008


BELATED CONGRATULATIONS to Elaine and Davin, who were extremely good company and beat Oliver and me...


DAVIN TELLS THE TRUE STORY of how it all went down.

THANK YOU ALL AGAIN for contributing to the event. It was exceedingly fun. I wish it happened every weekend. And it raised MANY AMERICAN DOLLARS for the cause OF CHILDREN.

That is all.

Photo of triumph COURTESY: the website of THE SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL (!), though I forget exactly who took it.


Unknown said...

Wow... the Hodg, John Oliver and Sarah Vowell together in one picture! It's like my own personal Churchill-FDR-Stalin historical photo! (REFERENCE: )

I'll let you guess which is which.

amityb said...

I can't believe the great, cheating scrabble powerhouse that is Hodgmoliver let the children down like that.

However, I liked the word "genuineq", and will try to incorporate it into my day-to-day lexicon.

Unknown said...

why do you two have medals if you lost in the first round? were they photoshopped in later? or were they "good sport" type medals?

Davin said...

John, thank you both again. It was a distinct honor, and surely one of the highlights of the year for Elaine and me.

Medals were given to the tournament's leading fund raisers -- and I suspect none of the teams would have achieved the numbers we did without dropping your names.

We'll look forward to a rematch!

Annje said...

sorry you lost, but I'm glad I could help you out raise funds. :) Great photo by the way.

Anonymous said...

John, Your my favorite.