Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I CAN SEE THE VIDEO when I check Blogger's "Preview" mode.

BUT NO ONE CAN SEE IT once it gets published.

XENI--can you help?

That is all.


Xeni said...

yeah hit me up john! xeni@xeni.net, it's an easy fix!

Unknown said...

Looking at the source of the previous post, it looks like Blogger is adding double quotes (" ") around the EMBED tag's parameters, where the code provided by BoingBoing has single quotes (' ') around the parameters. It may be these triple quotes ("' '") that are the source of your frustration. Solution: replace all single quotes with double quotes within the EMBED tag.

Brian Hayes said...

hey, I'm in downtown noho if need any help. our offices are right by the iron horse shoot me an email if you want. brian@fuzzproductions.com

Malacandra said...

Yep: try what andres said.

Chris said...

Are you pasting the embed code into the "Compose" tab rather than "Edit HTML"? It may be trying to translate your HTML into HTML and thus causing you unhappiness.

Fin said...

I'd appreciate it if you could send me the code that was causing problems: phopkins@google.com

I'm currently very interested in HTML that doesn't work right when pasted into the Blogger text editor.

Sorry there was trouble!