Friday, May 02, 2008


MY NAME IS JOHN HODGMAN, and you have reached my blog.

I DO NOT know why the famous actor Ricky Gervais is claiming that I wrote something for his blog about his upcoming movie about LYING.

I WOULD NEVER associate with such a person.

ALSO: his accent is obviously fake.


That is all.


McShowoff said...

I think I have a man-crush on Ricky Gervais. But not on you. Not that I don't admire you. And in total honesty, I put my pictures of you and Phil Hoffman on my blog before I read your questionnaire for Gervais. Uncanny!

Hugh Lafferty said...

Your blog on twitter states that you are "in an undisclosed location." Is that the same "undisclosed location" that President Cheney stays at? This concerns me greatly, as I don't you think you should be sharing vacation spots with the President!

Whatever you do, don't let him take you out hunting!

V said...

You're lucky he didn't say you had worms so you sat on spam to lure them out. Or maybe you suckled milk out of a cow's udder. You got off easy! Beware of Ricky Gervais! Robin Ince has a list of atrocities as proof. BEWARE!

starfishncoffee said...

Well, at least I can vouch for the fact that you aren't a racist. Or at least used to be...I don't know about now.

If he's lying about this, then he MUST be lying about the true identity of Karl Pilkington. And if so, my world will be shattered to pieces.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck in the film. It has been filming in my apartment complex for the last few days. I managed to catch a glimpse of Ricky, unfortunately I am a mere mortal and could do nothing but watch some filming.

Anton Seim said...

I feel like I'm cheating because I read your blog via Google Reader, so I'm sure I'm anonymous as far as the Sitemeter is concerned. Just letting you know I'm here and I'm reading, and thoroughly enjoying it.

Also, I appreciate your use of capitalization.

Shivers said...

Sooooo... Gray Coleman is never gonna play you in a movie?!
Awwwww... what a load of wasabi in a cake hole trick is this?!!