Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I GUESS ON SOME LEVEL I KNEW that my posting below on the word "tharn" got 37 comments,


BUT I GUESS I needed to see them all laid out in front of me for me to really grasp it.


That is all.


JackalFive said...

I still stand by my theory that the smaller the journal/blog post is, the more comments you'll received.

Couple that with the fact that you inquired on the definition of a word that still to me sounds derived from either pirates or cowboys*, and you can pretty much guarantee a record number of people will voice their opinions.


*Or pirate-cowboys, who would of course be known for their drunken sea chanties in buoyant water-based saloon barges. Notable pirate-cowboys include No-Beard the Kid, and Wyatt Ishmale.

The Curiously Dull Mint said...

you would've gotten 38 comments but by the time i read the post, i thought if i posted my response (which is watership down of course) everyone would've thought i was just jumping on a bandwagon. although i do seem to recall that stephen king once used the term (crediting the source) in one of his stories... if anyone knows which one, i will send him/her a bag of pretzels and some felt.

certifiedprepwn3d said...

@the curiously dull mint - I posted a response to that post noting that Stephen King used the word tharn in the Stand. When Stu first encounters the Walking Dude, Stu remembers reading Watership Down and identifies his own emotional/physical state as "tharn". What I am not sure about is whether the reference is in Stu's first dream of the Walking Dude or after he breaks out of the Stovington CDC facility.
What color felt?

The Curiously Dull Mint said...

pwn3d - THANK you... I should've remembered it was The Stand and I certainly should've remebered it was Stu. I *think* it was Stu's first dream but I'd have to check (haven't actually read the Stand in about 28 years). What color felt would you like? I have a frighteningly huge collection of it.

certifiedprepwn3d said...

Sad to say, tcdm, I read the Stand approximately annually. It is a comfort food book. I also think the tharn ref. is at Stu's first dream - the encounter in Stovington is more a physical terror and flight, leaving no time for reverie.

Any shade of pale green would be great - my favorite is that pure spring green of new baby leaves. Though you needn't feel obliged, it is kind of a pain to mail actual physical things that aren't e-things.

The Curiously Dull Mint said...

ah, comfort books. mine is wolf's hour by robert mccammon. total trash, horrible writing, but makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. here is a link to some virtual green felt

Hugh Lafferty said...

All I know about tharns is that I step or sit on them every time I go walking outside.

Does anyone know how I can keep this from happening?

Thank you for your help.

M said...
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The Curiously Dull Mint said...

hugh: very simple: stay inside.

M said...

My two cents, have to disagree with jackalfive. The title, JUST TAKING A QUICK CULTURAL TEMPERATURE CHECK, just proved to be salaciously irresistable. Give them a yardstick to measure themselves by, and they'll fall all over themselves to do so.

I don't know about pirates, or even cowboys.. but the dialect you're referring to is a holdover of the English of Shakespeare's day that still shows up in some of our regions.

Adam N. said...

I say it's because responding required no intelligent thought, and therefore, no effort. Well, actually, other than the effort required to type the post out, and to click on the publish comment button thingy, but I digress.

Hugh Lafferty said...

Dear The Curiously Dull Mint:

I have tried staying inside, but as my wife is a fanatical collector of roses and cacti, I am not very safe there either. Our band-aid bill is pretty high, as you might guess.

Does everyone called you "The"? Is that Mr. or Ms. Mint?

Thank you for your help.

c williams said...


I met you at the TED conference at the Crown and Anchor a few months ago-- I am a student at CSUMB and was the Apple Campus rep here. I doubt you remember, but regardless: there is something I would like to email you about, and I don't have any idea how else to get ahold of you aside from this blog... If you could please email me, I would love to take no more than a few minutes of your time for a semi-serious matter.

Thank you so much,

Chris Williams

M said...

Oh Adam N... you prove my point so well. ;)

The Curiously Dull Mint said...

hugh - most people just call me dull. i would prefer minty but that sounds like a porn star. not that there's anything wrong with that, but my porn name is quite different.

i think maybe you should invest in a full set of steel armor, then roll the 6 sided die and see if you can avoid the tharns. but watch out for the giant gelatinous monster - armor won't help you there.