Wednesday, May 28, 2008




I found this video, and I wish to clarify. I enjoyed being on BU TONIGHT very much, and Christian Lynch was a gentleman.

But it was 10AM, and I was tour-weary. I had just done an early interview with CN8 after an even earlier drive from Hartford. And in case you can't tell, my suit smelled.

So blame me for any awkwardness. But I do think I owe BU TONIGHT a better interview, and when I go on tour for the new book this fall, I SHALL ARRANGE IT.

That is all. "


HERE IS THE SUBJECT of the discussion.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

All that talk of paperback editions of your book leads to a question of dire importance: having already bought the hardcover and audiobook versions of The Areas of my Expertise, how many copies of the paperback should I be purchasing to round out my collection?

Paula said...

I didn't watch the clip, because I don't generally enjoy watching people being awkward. But your comment, whatever the backstory, whether the fault for a bad interview really did lie with you or with the host, was classy.

bcwoods said...

I agree. Class move Mr. Hodgman.

ramona said...

not the most awkward thing I've seen (although the Yo! MTV Raps part was dangerously close). I agree, class act taking the blame for that and, as an aside, thanks for the furniture feedback.

::: furiously erases IKEA Klippan couch from those in the running :::

Stepher said...

I would never have known your suit smelled.

Neck meat; should that be hyphenated I wonder?

number44 said...

I would like to point out that any student who balked at the price of the hardcover was very shortsighted.

Through buying a $22 compendium of COMPLETE WORLD KNOWLEDGE, I was able to use the remaining $378 of a budget that would have been spent on textbooks (which are infinitesimal slivers of complete world knowledge) to purchase other things. Which I then drank.

My enlightenment, needless to say, was total.

Dan Warren said...

You're doing it all wrong.

Youtube comments are supposed to be illiterate, irrational, and angry. You come off like some sort of normal person, which is blatantly inappropriate.

Jillian said...

John – let me speak for everybody at BU Tonight when I say: this youtube comment has, well, made our lives. We all thought the interview went great, but, that being said, we plan to hold you to it for another one, as your appearance on the show was quite a thrill for all of us. Come back to our show and we will shower you with not-shiny-but-rather-linty hobo nickels.

Also, to all who read or posted on the youtube video, let me say that Mr. Hodgman was great, did not seem displeased to be on our show he was despite the early hours he had, added the phrase “neck meat” to our lexicons, and thrilled those of us from the show who later attended his book signing in Coolidge Corner by remembering our names.

See you soon, John!

Nicole said...

The clip doesn't work any more! This makes me sad, as I had hoped to see some Hodge-Man awkwardness.

Nicole said...

Never mind. Apparently it was I who was experiencing technical difficulties.

hodg-man said...


Thank you, Jillian.

Whom should I get in touch with at BU 2nite nowadays?

That is all.