Friday, August 08, 2008


AS I CONTINUE to be chased around New England, I will lose internet power again tomorrow for some days.

UNLESS I GET THIS COMPUTER to run on lobster rolls.

That is all.


nelsong said...

New Lobster rolls I hope. Not the old furry lobster rolls, those never tasted good.

New England, unlike the rest of America as our advertisers tell us, does indeed run on lobster rolls during the summer months. Our soggy, soggy summer months.

skepchick said...

I have the new MacBook Pro NE, which as you know is powered by Moxie. The drink is rather difficult to find even in Boston, but I've found that actual sass will make do in a pinch.

Unknown said...

Lobster rolls kinda weird me out. That's why I prefer my pork roll and cheese fueled MacBookPro.

what about buckley said...

Hot Lobster Rolls, or the Lobster Salad Rolls?

Yours in Connecticut,

what about buckley said...
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Wincey said...

Apropos of nothing having to do with furry lobster rolls, I am randomly using this forum to ask if you'd like to take part in the 826 Ann Arbor Scrabble-for-Cheaters event on Sept. 28. You get some free beer and a commemorative t-shirt for your efforts, and the undying gratitude of the sniveling mass of 826 volunteers and chilluns of all stripe.

We know you are an excellent Squrabble cheater from your own blog posts on the matter, but we are a sad backwater compared to the NYC group, so it is likely that a gentleman such as yourself, even if your calendar were not already tied up with Important Events, would not wish to participate. But, what the hell, thought I'd ask anyway.

RedCircleLine said...

are you STILLLL being chased, sir? because you must be terribly tired. but, in excellent shape!

not that you weren't already in excellent shape. but now you must be in olympian shape.

Tom Pappalardo said...

Hey, John -

Do you have a post office box by any chance? Some sort of anonymous non-home address that could receive some comic books? I meant to give you some up at the Rendezvous, but it was so hot my sweaty hands turned the pages back into pulp.

- Tom.

Anonymous said...

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