Thursday, October 02, 2008


IF YOU SEE MY TWEETS up there in the upper right, you know that I was pretty wowed by Biden in the final run.

MOST AGREE on CNN that Palin and Biden made no major flubs, however. So in terms of pundit perception: ADVANTAGE PALIN. And I think that consensus is settling in, at least in the FILTER OF THE MEDIA.

THAT SAID, she did call General McKiernan "General McClellan." That's an absurd thing to say, and should count as a major flub. But no one on CNN seems to have noticed.

THAT SAID, the first snap poll says 51% of respondents say Biden "won." And 53% still feel that she is not qualified to be President (down from 54%). That shut up the "Palin stuck the landing" meme for a moment there, so what do I know?

That is all.


clint said...

Thankfully, Keith Olbermann pointed out and hammered on the "McClellan" point.

JackalFive said...

You say McKiernan, she says McClellan.

Minor difference.

No reason to go all new-clear.

P. Little said...

Yes, as jackalfive points out, Palin also duplicated a well known Dubya gaffe, referring twice in a span of 30 seconds (talking about Iran) to "nucular" weapons.

She may have said it more than that. After the first hour of the debate, my head ached so much from watching such blatant lack of knowledge that I started watching the Canadian leaders' debate (I taped them both -- figured I'd start with the less important one for me). Luckily it was a lot more interesting, if not nearly as flashy or full of sound bites. (As angry as I am with a lot going on in Canada right now, like the fact we're about to re-elect a Conservative government, I certainly much prefer our process.)

Todd said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the tweets throughout. My friends, perhaps less so. I was particularly pleased that someone besides me noticed Palin's threat on Biden's life (or possibly wife).