Sunday, October 19, 2008


AS YOU KNOW, I have known and respected BoingBoing now for many years.

(INDEED, I used to read the PRINT VERSION of it, back when there were "print versions" of things, and back when The Primal Plunge was selling them.)

SINCE THEN, I have been a reader of the site, and a grateful beneficiary of its unexpected and serendipitous largesse.

BUT I HAVE NEVER DARED to write for them, preferring instead the neutrality and ABSOLUTE ANONYMITY of my own imitation blog.

MANY OF YOU may wonder, then, why I have agreed to GUEST BLOG (or really, GUEST IMITATION BLOG) for Mark, Xeni, Cory, and David, starting tomorrow.

SURELY SOME OF IT, the skeptics will suggest, has something to do with my NEW BOOK BEING PUBLISHED ON TUESDAY.


BUT I MUST SAY the tipping point came today, with the RETURN OF THE CREEPY GNOME.

APART FROM THEIR many accomplishments and talents, it is this dedication to keeping this MOST IMPORTANT STORY in the public eye that has earned them, this Sunday, my full and humble endorsement.

That is all.

OLD BOINGBOING IMAGE courtesy: Wikipedia, who claim "fair use" in replicating the work of the amazing Mark Frauenfelder. I'll leave it to them to fight it out.

CREEPY GNOME image courtesy: teenagers is Argentina.


Historian said...

I can't wait for More Information to be out!!! Tuesday must come faster!

Eric Burns-White said...

Tuesday has indeed come faster. But only those fortunate enough to live in the area of Boston. Thanks to renegades and malcontents, the book is for sale at the Trident Booksellers and Cafe. As the esteemed Mister Hodgman is due in the area no later than Wednesday of next week, I suspect he shall have a sharp rebuke prepared for them at that time. However, it will be too late.

In the meantime, since yesterday I have had the book in my possession. The information will therefore have had days worth of additional time to mature in my brain, which will afford me certain advantages in the dark times ahead. I will do what I can for those less fortunate, but one must accept that my survival and the survival of my wife and family must take precedence.

Unknown said...

I see you have been promoted from mere writer of books to famous minor television personality, congratulations.

And thank you for letting me know why they cancelled It's Your Move. that had been eating away at me.