Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Sound of Young America

Jesse Thorn, one of the finest interviewers I have heard on radio and to my ears the best new voice on public radio, had an amazing talk with my label-mate George Saunders on his radio program THE SOUND OF YOUNG AMERICA on 6-10-06. Luckily, I am always up to date on my postings. Go here for to hear an excerpt from the interview, and by all means subscribe to the show.

And to answer Jesse's blog call for a capellists, COULTON was not only an a capellist but a goddamned Whiffenpoof.

In other embarrassingly late news, Mr. Adam Mazmanian has been successfully photographed.

That is all.


hodg-man said...

Thank you for the kind words. Tedjohnston. The first thing I do when I hit it big is buy you a space to put in between your names.

DeleteMe said...

"Charlie Brown-looking contributor"???!!!!?

I guess it's better than Shermy.

allen weaver said...
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Serenaded Hourly said...

I finished reading your book today, on a 12-mile, 2-hour bus commute from Santa Monica to Los Feliz. In honor of that, I tagged you in a fairly pathetic meme on my LiveJournal. I thought I'd let you know, in case you were bored enough to answer little bursts of questions and find out what I thought of your book. [Link!]

Annje said...

I too have jumped on the John Hodgman bandwagon. Don't mind me I'll just be in the corner over there (pointing) reading your book and sipping on my latte. You'll hardly know I'm here except for my laughter but I'll try to keep it down so as to not bother the other bloggers..


Annje said...

How sad is it that at 30 I just now figured out what a Whiffenpoof is. Plus it makes the line from Tom Lehrer's song "Bright College Days" make sense. The whole "table down at Morrey's.." LOL