Friday, August 18, 2006

On Notice: H in Sunrays

On Notice
Originally uploaded by mrbikferd.
Courtesy Mr. Bikferd comes this manipulated photo, which is what you find if you page through the dictionary to the definition of "awesome."

(OED, super-microscopic pocket edition, 1932. You won't be able to see it unless you have the companion OED microscope.)

It is amazing and encouraging to see activity on the "H IN SUNRAYS" group.

As you know, this was my own lame attempt at meme-launch before my poor and infrequent efforts were appropriately eclipsed by the still astonishing and diligent 700 Hoboes Project.

(Now with 100 more hoboes, by the way.)

But, with all due respect to Bikferd, this is not ALL YOUR H IN SUNRAYS BELONG TO US. While this image is awesome by definition, the project was originated to collect evidence of actual chalked Hs in actual chalked sunrays in actual places and on actual things. (Including this most memorable one from Bikferd himself).

(Whiteboards, crop circles, skywrtiting, sculptures, carvings-into-mashed-potatoes, and other forms of actual non-computer writing also accepted).

If the issue is that you do not have chalk, I will arrange for special railroad chalk to be delivered to the first five of you who write me at hodgman (at)

Meanwhile: thank you, Ape Lad, Juco, Neverrockfila, Darwin, and Thanatos Omega, whoever you may be.


C.T. Pope said...

I don't think Colbert will like this, as you are not an expert on his show.

DeleteMe said...

Senator Ted Stevens told me the technology was done using chalk, so I thought this was OK. My culpa.

Patrick (aka mrbikferd)

Annje said...

Don't worry Patrick. I think the photo rocks!! I agree that it should be found under the definition of "awesome." Great job!!!