Wednesday, August 30, 2006


For those of you who enjoy hash beer, salmon jerky, space travel supplies, and the other pleasures of the pacific northwest, may I direct you to some more information regarding the 826 Seattle benefit this Friday evening?:

"Q: Or would you encourage people to wildly throw money on stage?

"A: As long as people are not throwing gigantic coins, like the kind Batman has in his Batcave, that would be fine. Actually, a giant coin would be fine, too. Just don't "throw" coins or money with guns, or shape the coins into knives."


Photo of Equipment at Seattle's Greenwood Space Travel Supply Store courtesy of Ginger Lee, whoever you are. Thank you.

That is all.


-j. said...

As I mentioned in a previous comment, I will be there (expecting that superior wave), and I am Canadian. Mr. Hodgman, you should be aware that almost all our currency is giant coins.

You're sadly mistaken if you think I'm giving up my precious scimitardimes that easily, however.

Generalissimo Juan Flores said...

If you're going to debate Vowell, then open with the charge that "we all know -- and HAVE known for decades now --- that Lincoln shot himself in that booth. ... It's time to admit that our 16th president, what with his war at home, penchant for black dress and suicide was our nation's first goth."

wells said...

Mr. Hodgman,

I have a strict personal policy of only donating money when asked in Latin.

Do you feel you might be able to accomodate this in Seattle?

samantha said...
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samantha said...

I am Ginger Lee, and also an 826 volunteer. Thanks for the photo credit--I feel a small amount of famous.