Wednesday, October 04, 2006


H in Sunrays
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LAST NIGHT we read in the LARGE PRINT/LITERARY CRITICISM section of the Harry Schwartz bookstore, in Milwaukee's BAYVIEW district.

AS YOU CAN SEE, it turned my hand invisible.

TONIGHT, we visit the BORDERS of Ann Arbor, MI, which as you know is BORDERS NUMBER ONE, the very first Borders store, first discovered by 1824 by Elisha Rumsey, though experts suggest it hewn from a single, massive boulder many centuries ago, probably by giants.

Here are the details you may require.

TOMORROW NIGHT: we join AMY SEDARIS and DAVID REES in Philadelphia for the 215.

THANK YOU, meanwhile, NoodleGuy1 (as the first NoodleGuy, he is also hewn from a single massive boulder), for the photo.



Aron Deppert said...

The Hodg-Man and Amy Sedaris together . . . ?

Good thing I don't live anywhere close to that location, for I would surely die from laughter.

Enotheque said...


You wrote a book containing complete world knowledge and the seemingly exhaustive emphasis on hobo matters has truly struck a chord with hispanists such a myself. Having mentioned Borges on several occasions, I surmise that there is a possibility that you've heard of/read the Spanish romantics, Europe's most marginalized and consequently, delayed romantic movement. At any rate, perhaps it would be of interest to you to read a piece by Espronceda titled "The Song of the Pirate"...a true embodiment of the hobo spirit, but on boats that sail the seas.

From your admiring reader,
bearing the flesh and blood of a petit-bourgeois, armchair intellectual, but with the soul of the most ascetic of hobos.


Annje said...

Greetings Mr. Hodgman,

I am here in your old stomping ground(a.k.a. Boston). I must admit the breathing is much better here than in Denver, CO. I've enjoyed the updates from your tour while on vacation. Tomorrow we travel onward to Mystic Seaport. I do hope your travels are going well and I'll try to find some of that fine beverage you enjoyed. I'm always looking for new and exotic beverages. Again,thank you for the updates!