Sunday, October 01, 2006


Originally uploaded by disco.sleeze.
I AM MYSTIFIED by this green dial. Can anyone, perhaps its original documentor, explain it to me?

MEANWHILE, IF YOU ARE ANYWHERE NEAR CHICAGO, allow me to remind that COULTON and I will make a rare DAYLIGHT appearance today at 2PM at


which is located at 2817 North Clark Street, in LINCOLN PARK

which they say is part of CHICAGO.

That is all.


SJ Ballinger said...

It's a simple timer. I have one on my pool pump. However, this one appears to be connected to a vast network of streetlamps which at the appointed time, in this case, 10pm, will begin flashing the signal that the takeover is about to begin.

Aron Deppert said...

It is indeed a timer. I thought perhaps it was a part of a large explosive device (see comments on the original upload in the Flikr pool), but the street lamp thing makes sense.

Mr. Biggs said...

That's not ANY timer, friends.

That's a circa 1970's Rainbird Sprinkler Timer.

That bad boy to a straight 45 volts DC to run. Couple that with poor wiring, a summer afternoon, and a fat kid excited about backyard waterplay, and you've got the makings of a lifetime electricty/sprinkler phobia.

No, I don't wish to discuss it.