Tuesday, October 17, 2006


IF YOU HAVE NOT already subscribed to the radio/pod program THE SOUND OF YOUNG AMERICA, it is not too late to miss the conversation between me, COULTON, and Jesse Thorn on the subject of COULTON'S BETRAYAL OF ME AND MY CATS.

YOU SHOULD ALSO follow Jesse's advice and subscribe to those Kaspar Hauser fellows. Their PHONE CALL TO THE 14th CENTURY is brilliant, and what's more, THEY ARE NOT ACTUALLY FERAL CHILDREN.

Jesse is also a member of PRANK THE DEAN, who come to the Fake Gallery on Melrose TONIGHT (tuesday Oct 17) at 9PM, hosted by Chris Hardwick.

According to the one-sheet, reservations ARE URGED: 323-661-0786


That is all.

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