Monday, October 23, 2006


LET ME SAY: as much as I made light of the 5th Floor Multipurpose Room at the Univ of Baltimore, the fact is it is truly a beautiful room, with great floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the Charm City, amazing mechanized curtains, and a truly lovely non-mechanized audience who tempted me to speak my mind on SCIENTOLOGY.


AS YOU KNOW, tonight COULTON, REES, and I will be at the Warehouse Theater of the District of Columbia.

IF YOU FIND THIS EVENT INCONVENIENT OR TOO CROWDED, may I recommend a visit tomorrow night to CHOP SUEY BOOKS of Richmond, VA.

TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION: I do not know if REES will do the time travel bit at either of these events.


Meanwhile, THOSE WASHINGTONIANS who asked for my opinion on "Lost" may find it, finally, here.

That is all.


Kelly Hills said...

Quite enlightening interview. I must say, however, Upstate New York is a colder place to not have you and Coulton grace us with your presence. It is a very sad thing, and I do believe that the very ground itself has gone into Demeter-like mourning.

We, of course, have decided to follow the rumour that we can find you hosting a decade-related concert in November, and shall migrate into the City to pay proper homage to all things ten.

Maxwell McLeod said...

LOST isn't a Sci-fi show, you make me sad.

--Max McLeod

Richard said...

There seems to be a widespread misconception about the role of "PC" in the Apple ads, and I wonder if you have any feeling one way or the other about the way I interpret the message of the campaign: the PC is clearly the more likeable character, though hapless and put upon, and that's the whole point. The ads invite hapless and put upon PC users to identify with your character, to see their own troubles represented in him, and (one hopes) see the obvious solution to which he remains in perpetual denial. This simply wouldn't work if the PC were unlikeable or presented as a villain.

On a side note, the ads show you do have talent as an actor, and I'd enjoy seeing you pursue that at some point.

Finally, it seems inevitable that these guys must someday release a "PC and Mac commercial" playset -- figures of you and Justin against a white background -- following their sold-out 1984 and Woz and Steve Jobs models. If not, I'd suggest getting in touch with them to demand same.