Wednesday, December 06, 2006


not digitally manipulated.jpg
Originally uploaded by captain joy.
CAPTAIN JOY CLAIMS that this image has not been digitally manipulated.

I REMAIN SKEPTICAL, because I know that even in color films, Buster Keaton was in black and white.

BUT I CHOOSE TO TRUST JOY, as I am a fool.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

While I can't confirm the authenticity of the good captain's find (although I suspect it is real), I came across something interesting. I had recently seen that very episode of Arrested Development as well as Steamboat Bill, Jr, the source of the original stunt to which the homage is being paid. While I appreciated the allusion (even down to the characters names: Buster Keaton/Buster Bluth. It's like they wrote the whole show just to make that clever reference), something was left unsettled in the back of my mind. Upon a repeated viewing of SB,Jr, I realized what it was: Buster Keaton performs the stunt with his back to the falling facade. It may seem subtle, but that is the difference between Keaton and Tony Hale and anyone else who seeks to emulate him. In my opinion anyway.
Also, I stumbled upon this incredibly shocking (sorry) frame of film. Although it is obviously manipulated, it was not done by me. This can be attested to by downloading (free and legal) and viewing Steamboat Bill, Jr from here and paying close attention to 1:02:03.
Sometimes I surprise even myself.

Anonymous said...

I should make something clear. When I wrote "it has obviously been manipulated" I mean it was done by whoever handled that sort of thing in Mr. Keaton's production company, nearly one hundred years ago. Having been produced in pre-union days, the "guy in charge of scratching the film in order to make it appear as if Buster is being electrocuted" is sadly left uncredited in the films titles. Another hobo whose name is lost to history.

Anonymous said...

You are really EXCELLENT at finding that sort of stuff. You have a good eye for that. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

john hodgman you are no fool.

i admit it looks suspicious because my record on digitally manipulated images is um not clean.

there you will see another image from the same sequence. i think that the H is where buster bluth's head is supposed to go.

PROOF! slightly flawed PROOF!

(i swear although my source is wikipedia i did not upload the photo myself. i have no way to prove this. but nevertheless it is true.)

Anonymous said...

CapJoy and John, I agree with both of you. It looks a bit manipulated to me. My record of non digitally manipulating pictures is not really clean either. I don't have to point mine out. Mine are obvious as well.