Thursday, December 21, 2006


It is time
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THIS IS CLEARLY a manipulated image, yet I defer to halcyon's good intentions, as

I AGREE with Time's assessment of person-hood of the year, since indeed I have learned firsthand this year, via hobo artists and podcasters and many more, that the true and exciting engine of culture right now is self-built, funded, and powered by millions of busy hands and mice out there in the previously invisible world.

And so it is...

YOU whom I must thank for this astonishing strange and happy year.

THANK YOU readers, listeners, hoboers, wikiers, flickrers, bloggerers, boingers, casters, tubers, chalkers, and Canadians all, for all the joy and inspiration and brandy you have provided.


PLEASE DON'T FORGET to download the audiobook for free from iTunes in the USA (see below), and meanwhile,

Happy, Merry, and



Mike said...

I just downloaded the free Audiobook from iTunes, and I am greatly enjoying the 317-disc set thus far. Thanks.

Annje said...

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas to you John Hodgman!! And a Happy New Year!! I suspect this coming year will hold many new wonders for you the rising star!

Anonymous said...

Tonight, our entire family - that is to say my wife, myself and our five children, enjoyed your audio book in our car, as we went to a local bookstore to purchase a hardcover copy of your book to give as a gift. Merry Christmas to you, Mr. Hodgman. Thank you for everything.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely present, Mr. Hodgman. Now we no longer need weary our eyes with the harsh unflickeringness of cold ink and paper. Happy Christmas to you and Mrs. Hodgman and Hodgmina and anyone else nearby.

p.s. In case it escaped your attention, please be advised that you are (also) Time's Person of the Year. Please update your curriculum vitae accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Right back at you, good sir.
Have a wonderful holiday season, meanwhile "I hear nothing, I see nothing and I tell nothing", as my hobo dots indicate.

The Doifter said...

I bought the audiobook at full price not three weeks ago. That royalty=my holiday gift to you. Buy yourself something nice. I can hardly thank you enough for the entertainment you have provided me this year.