Thursday, April 12, 2007


EVIDENCE of wander-men infiltrating the den of the fez, as captured by Cpt. Joy.

MYSPACE UPDATE: I have twice followed the procedure to cancel my account, and I have been assured that I would receive an e-mail with further instructions.

DESPITE FREQUENT SWEEPS of my spam folder (classic summer suits are now on sale at Brooks Brothers, apparently, and Canadian Doctor Faith is offering me Valium AT THE LOWEST PRICES), I have yet to receive this e-mail.


That is all.


Miranda said...

i have repeatedly tried to delete my myspace account to no avail. i wish i could be of help, but i do empathize :(

Annje said...

Hodg-man, have you tried sending a nasty-gram to "TOM" the "owner" o' myspace? I know when I had issues I sent a message to him. Maybe that will help?? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Chris said...

They'll delete the accounts of copyright violators. Maybe you could post an excerpt of your book on your own MySpace profile, and then complain to MySpace about the violation of your copyright.

J Gall. said...

MySpace is the devil and of course it isn't very Mac friendly. I had a friend who refused to believe that his page looked like ca-ca even on our Mac even though he was a one time Mac user himself. The background of his page was a picture of Pope John Paul the Second. It was a papal catastrophe. Hodg-man, I direct you to my comments from the 9 of April.


Jason Gallagher, freezing in the Queen City

hobogirl1 said...

Hodg-man, on the copywright issue just post a copywrited video clip of you on the Daily Show and then wait until Viacom comes to sue MySapce for allowing copywright infringement. That will get your page taken down for sure. That will get you some exposure as well.

Tour Mistress Of The Darkness said...

Copyright violation is one sure-fire way to do it (I know several musicians who have had their pages deleted for committing the heinous crime of posting their own music on their pages). But another is to start spamming people. Send bulletins to everyone on your Friends page hawking your book, and then comment-spam those same people with hi-res images of the book cover. I guarantee your account will be gone within a day.

JM said...

The only person I know who had a myspace account deleted was a friend who found out that someone else (presumably one of her students) started a myspace page in my friend's name, and with my friend's picture on it. When myspace was informed that the page had been created fraudulently, they took it down very quickly--within 24 hours.

I know that is not your situation, but maybe the knowledge will help.

maonk said...

two words: nudie pics

Charlie Grey said...

I stand by my suggestion of sacrificing an unknown band. But they have to be pretentious, there is no substituting on that particular issue.

If you don't, he'll attack you with legions of teenage girls. And perhaps some boys with bad hairstyles that cut themselves.

C.T. Pope said...

Perhaps you should just become someone else?

Lhyzz said...


After many years of living with and studying the secretive Myspace tribe of the rain forests of Papua New Guinea, the ritual to which you refer was finally entrusted to my knowledge. Unfortunately, because such information is considered to be of the utmost value, and its contents a secret to all outsiders on pain of death, I cannot share it with you.
Suffice it to say, however, that it involves a very complicated dance ceremony, complete with blood sacrifice. You would not be able to complete it on your own, especially in a New York City apartment.
I wish you luck in finding an alternative method.

Anonymous said...

i flagged your picture as inappropriate. and then i was taken to a page where it said that your picture had been reported, and, um, gave me a link to the center for missing and exploited children.

i think it's probably just the next step to take for people who have serious concerns. but if you somehow get arrested for exploiting children, i am really, really sorry.

Eliot said...

I happened to delete my account just yesterday. It appears to have worked. Here are the directions I was given. perhaps they will help you.


Hi Eliot,

We have received your request to cancel your MySpace account.

In order to complete the cancellation process, please click on the link below:

If you have problems canceling your account, please click the link below:

We will cancel your account within 48 hours, after which you will no longer be able to log in.

Please note that cancelled accounts may not be reactivated and all of your account information, including your friend network, will be removed from MySpace.


simply ignore this message. We will not cancel your account unless you follow the above instructions.


I did wish to cancel my account, so I did not ignore the message. It worked. I am free of the shackles of MySpace!!

Anonymous said...

The cancel process didn't work for me - the page remained up and I kept receiving MySpace e-mails - so this is how I "canceled" my MySpace account:

I turned the background and text the same bright color red (#FF0000), renamed it "FUCK", added 10 blog entries of Misfits lyrics ("I got something to say / I killed your baby today / And it doesn't matter much to me / As long as its dead") and embedded every stolen clip from FOX networks I could find. For a user avatar, I went to 4chan - /b/, of course - and asked nicely for the worst picture that wonderful community could provide.

It was wiped out, account and all, in less than a week. Or, maybe there's a delay on the standard process. Either way, fun way to waste an hour or so.