Friday, April 13, 2007


H in sunrays!
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Courtesy: "The New Pollution."

But why does UNH have benches surrounding a sand circle?

There is no reason for it.


That is all.


LB said...

They're not summoning a real doctor, but they are summoning a real worm.

Unknown said...

If not a worm, perhaps the the Dunwich Horror. I think those are in season.

Oliviarse said...

It's in the middle of a parking lot type thing, so it really doesn't make sense at all.
Oh, the mysteries of UNH!

Anonymous said...
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Josh Glenn said...

I'm guessing John was referring, not to Dunwich Horror, but to Dune?

PS: I was in Brookline Booksmith on Thursday for an n+1 event, and saw the H-in-sunrays hobo sign chalked on the wall. I laughed, and tried to explain to the n+1 guys, but to no avail.

I loved hobo signs when I was a kid. I think I read about them in a Danny Dunn book?

Liza said...

I literally laughed out loud when I read "UNLESS THEY ARE SUMMONING A WORM." The H-in-Sunrays will now forever mean hobo-sign to me. It is indeed the spice that allows us to travel and Hodgman is my head mentat. No hollow teeth for you!

And I would not be surprised if the uneven step and shuffle of the dessert dwellers was inspired by hobos, or vice versa.