Saturday, December 08, 2007


DID ANYONE ELSE notice that Anne Helmond's photograph of the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. from yesterday happens to include A MAN WITH AN EYE-PATCH?


That is all.


ramona said...

Perhaps a supervillain trying to get his hands on some good anti-matter!?

Jesse Thorn said...

Not to mention a possible jewel thief.

comoprozac said...

Good eye, hodg-man!

Alan said...

I am sorry to disappoint you, but yours is not a true interrobang! This is evidenced by the fact that your "interrobang" is two characters, while a true interrobang is one character! To assist you, here is an interrobang for your own personal use!

If, for some technological mishap, it does not appear for you, you can find it in the Special Characters panel on the Mac. Simply open your favorite text editor, select Edit>Special Characters... and do a search for interrobang!

Dan Telfer said...

Is it really that safe to assume John Hodgman has a Mac?

Oh, wait.

fancycwabs said...

You know who despised interrobangs? Johnny Hart. Or at least Johnny Hart, incorporated.