Monday, January 07, 2008


TO CHANGE THE TONE OF THIS CONVERSATION, let me belatedly alert you to...


TO BE FOUND over at Ken Plume's QUICK STOP, which is always worth a quick (or slow) STOP.

The show in question, QI, for "Quite Interesting" is indeed one of the most important television shows in history.


(I LOOK FORWARD to your fiery e-mails on this subject. But before you attack me, may I ask: does The Wire have its own STUFFY PRIVATE CLUBHOUSE AND RESTAURANT? I think you know the answer.*)
(THE QI BUILDING, Oxford, "England")

ALAS, the program is not available here in the states, but it is available SOMEWHAT on the internet.

ENJOY IT, and enjoy the work of Ken Plume, who is TIRELESS.

That is all.


*"YES: But it is in Baltimore."


Unknown said...

I am so angry at you I am going to get a tattoo of you watching The Wire.

The Doifter said...

QI saved my marriage.

Unknown said...

Having heard from all sources that the Wire is the best show ever broadcast is enough to convince me I should never, ever watch it. QI, on the other hand, is sure to be brilliant due to the fact that I have never heard a thing about it. Until now.

harveypenguin said...

This is weird, because a few days ago I was talking to my brother about QI (which is, indeed, the best show ever), and we decided that if it were to be adapted for American TV, you should be the host.

fancycwabs said...

While we're talking about it, don't forget that QI is also the most useful legal scrabble word ever.

Thomas Burchfield said...

I do not know if "The Wire" has a stuffy clubhouse, but "Deadwood" does have the Gem Saloon.

Annje said...

I agree with harveypenguin..If QI were to come over to the US I think you'd be the pefect host.

On a completely random note..I was watching my Muppet Show Season 2 DVD's and I noticed that Professor Honeydew reminds me of John Hodgman or vice versa. All you need is a "Beaker" sidekick. Just thought I'd throw that out there.


Perry Gerakines said...

@apelad: It's so good, it's not even on Netflix!

tony said...

"Thou shalt not question Stephen Fry."

Jayna said...

QI is indeed the best show on television. Even if it isn't currently on television in this country. Can The Wire make any claim to having elves working on their program? I thought not.

Speaking of QI, do you think you and David Mitchell should have a duel to the death over who is the better personification of the PC?

Lhyzz said...

I'm with the others in believing that if QI were to be produced here in the US that you would be the natural choice for hosting duties.

Of course, I doubt QI would get much of a viewership in the US, but it might enjoy a one or two season run on Comedy Central.

Tim said...

The reason it isn't on Netflix is probably because they've only released the first series on DVD, and I'm not sure they even did so in region 1.

foo-fu said...

QI has been to me one of the best laughs of the whole week for the last years. You'd even admire Alan Davies for the brilliant way in which he shows his sheer and utter lack of knowledge time and time again.

What goes beyond me however, is why on earth you should want to make a remake of it in order to broadcast it in the USA? I know there is some difference in pronounciation and vocabulary between UK and US English, but would that make it worth sacrificing a brilliant series? Just look at what mishap was done to Ricky Gervais "The Office" by doing a remake of it!

On the topic of giving John his own show, I completely aggree, but please make something new and exciting out of it.