Tuesday, August 29, 2006

#89: Newton Fig

#89: Newton Fig
Originally uploaded by Trophiogrande.
From the e-hobo.com collection, I give you this inspired mash-up of hobo illustration by Trophiogrande, creativelyl repurposing (thieving) the original Sharick photo.

My question: does the illustrator of the hobo in the yellow sign get credit for inadvertently contributing to the 700?

Finally, a fascinating convergence spotted by Xadrian in the comments between your hoboes and a similar caricature project from the original Vanity Fair, which I dub, the 1,000,000 Dandies Project.

That is all.


Unknown said...

One MILLION Dandies!

Of course you know, when the great Apocalypse comes, 1 hobo is worth 1,500 dandies, so it still works in our favor.

Blake Himsl Hunter said...

Haha, I can only contribute to the 1,ooo,ooo dandies if you post photos that I can thieve...because thieving does the world good.