Saturday, August 19, 2006


Perhaps, I hope. That is all.


Dock Currie said...

You are my favorite celebrity who only qualifies as a borderline celebrity.

If Don Delillo tried to go to a fancy club he might be rejected because he is an author first and foremost, so people might not know his face. And this, I think, is a boon for his credibility . . . that he remains a part of the colloquial milieu simply by virtue of the imposed anonymity of his trade.

You, though, might suffer the same humiliating misfortune (should you choose to 'dance the night away' as the kids are prone to saying) but would suffer it in spite of a slightly improved facial recognition in comparison with other noted authors, or experts for that matter. Due in great part to your television appearances.

While there are some in the world, who have made it their goal to be as highly regarded as a socialite as possible, who would see this as the be all and end all of tragic misfortune - take heart, resident expert.

Their misfortune is your benefit.

I live in Canada. I am a Canadian.

Moreover, I am a Vancouverite . . . so I am a lesser-known Canadian . . . from an appropriately monikered lesser Hollywood.

So I hope it brings you some comfort, in an unguarded moment, that even in the farthest flung regions of North America you are still regarded by the liberal secular youth as some sort of mythical folk hero, reflecting absurdity wherever he goes.

I hope I never meet you John, you would only ruin my idealized conception of you as an expert. And I hope you always stay a semi-celebrity, like Thurston Moore and Slajov Zizek, because as soon as those gigantic bouncers let you into that bumpin club so you can get retarded “in there,” then you would cease to be as worthwhile as you are right now.

Upon rereading my own comments I seem to lack a point, but not posting them would be significantly less authentic than posting them. If you can, avoid judgements on Canadians in general based on the pointlessness of their ramblings.

Have a wonderful Day, sir.

Josh Hickman said...

HODGMAN! I am a long time fan, going back to the Little Gray book lectures. I really enjoy your stuff. But i have a question. When are you and Coulton going to put out another LT. Gr. Bk. Podcast? You are approaching the "I have not updated in 15 months" mark, and it IS a freakin sweet podcast anyway. I was also thinking that you could do a awesome podcast/ show that would be a cross between Penn and Teller: Bullshit and the Fireside chats from that dead president (Lets see, Dead, whated to communicate with people, not Lincoln or washington, I think it was FDR). Think about that.

Annje said...

Hope the evening went well. Also if Jonathan Coulton ordered a weird drink called "a one-eyed rusty snake with a twist" from the guest bartender. Blame me. It was my lame attempt to be present at the concert long distance..

-j. said...

As another Canadian, and in fact, Vancouverite, I wholeheartedly concur with all dockcurrie's positions that I could understand.

However, Mr. Hodgman, I will be in Seattle for the literacy event. Section ORCH2, row BB, seat 2. Feel free to wave, with an air of American superiority.

C.T. Pope said...

And so I send a big thank you for said event via this video.