Friday, August 25, 2006

Who is Ape Lad?

Who is Ape Lad?
Originally uploaded by Ape Lad.
Here is a reasonable explanation of things, courtesy the industrious and extremely talented ape-lad.

Though he and I have not met, the likeness is, uncannily and unfortunately accurate.

The Publishers Weekly story referenced in A-L's comicessay can be found, along with Len Jawbone's own fine hobo-illustration work here:

That is all.


bec_87rb said...


Are there many hobos at your school?

hodg-man said...

Please do not overthrow you school government.

bec_87rb said...

nor douse them with kerosene.

Annje said...

or grain alcohol, plus High School government is a waste of trying to overthrow anyway..Just a bunch of pretty faces that get their photo in the yearbook. I know my High School Government did absolutely nada, except approve awful lunch menus..What is chipped beef on toast anyway???

Unknown said...

I need to carry more chalk.

Luke said...

Ape Lad is some form of unstoppable hobo generator. Note: I don't mean that he is a generator powered by hoboes- I mean that his power source is unknown to me, but he harnesses that power to create hoboes. Unstobbably.

Luke said...

Or "unstoppably."