Sunday, October 15, 2006


I hope this is sly enough for you.

I am sorry COULTON and I are not coming to your country to promote my book. I hope you will keep buying it with your government book allowance money, however.

That is all.


delia jones said...

I suppose I can spend my hockey money on your book. THIS TIME.

Nug said...

I purchased said book in Minneapolis two weeks ago. Once it is through the government's screening process, I can apply to receive it in just under a year's time!

Anonymous said...

The book will finally bring down Canada.

pixelbuffer said...

Normally, I am against annexation of anything other than areas of space I wish to occupy with my sovereign body. However (as I mentioned in your American Roads post), in this case, please send your steam-powered asbestos-lined tanks trundling past our unarmed customs officials to put in an appearance at a Chapters somewhere in the wilds of Canada. If you bring shiny trinkets I'm sure we won't even notice the lumbering, soot-belching war machines ruining our freshly tilled arable land.