Monday, October 09, 2006


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AS IS TRADITIONAL, they are made with hallucinogenic wood alcohol.

TONIGHT, OF COURSE, Coulton and I will be appearing at BOOK SOUP on the Sunset Strip.

THIS WILL OCCUR at 7PM, free of charge.

THEN COULTON WILL ONCE AGAIN ABANDON ME and go to his own gig at The Temple Bar in Santa Monica.


That is all.


Priscilla said...

Best brownies ever!

TwaddleMonster said...

Thanks for the drink at Book Soup, John.

Serenaded Hourly said...

Good show, John Hodgman. It was sincerely a pleasure meeting you and getting your muddy pawprints all over my computer. Thank you so much for a good show. I would have happily stood there for another two hours, listening to you and the mountain man perform. I hope you have a great trip and look forward to reading the paperback appendices in the book I bought for my friend. Thanks again.

~renata~ said...

Hooray, my brownies have achieved internet fame!

John, you should appear on Martha Stewart or perhaps Emeril! and demonstrate some traditional hobo recipes to the world at large. For example, I would be highly interested to learn the difference between "hobo stew" and "hobo dinners." I have heard the term used interchangably, and yet I suspect that this cannot be accurate.

The Kaiser said...

Clearly hobo stew is a brothy concoction made by hobos in the field. Hobo dinners are a microwavable food product created by Stoffer's to appeal to the hobo-nostalgia demographic.

Aron Deppert said...

All of these events sound so ridiculously fun.

It is unfortunate that Hodg-man has yet to go to a venue near my home.

mikesheffler said...


You and Coulton (he's more coon-skin cap than man, as it turns out) were great on Monday, and I had a really excellent time.

When next I see John Roderick, I will be sure to exchange your autograph for a sasquatch hug.