Sunday, October 29, 2006


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SADLY, Ole Miss was defeated by the Auburn Deadly White Tigers in yesterday's footballing, or so was reported to me.

BUT SOME SOLACE WAS HAD in the halls of Square Books, as several kind souls traveled to Oxford to visit with us, some from as far away as memphis, some bearing brandy and nutmeg.

(Thank you, RANDAL)

IT WAS A LOVELY TIME, and I am grateful for the company, some of whom invited me to search the moonlit swamps of nearby Taylor for that area's legendary swamp monster (pronounced, in Oxford, as "swamp booger.")

(Thank you, HANK, but no)

MANY DID NOT RECOGNIZE ME until I donned my signature Hawaiian print novelty visor, but after that, we had a very fine time before the brandy and the nutmeg disappeared, and it was on to the City Grocery for whiskey and fellowship and unexpected reunions.

TODAY we will rest quietly and visit some of Oxford's other fine groceries (Betty Davis and Taylor included), which, as you know, stock primarily the groceries known as "barbecue," "catfish," and "alcohol."

TOMORROW we shall move on to Austin and Book People, grateful and exhausted, to meet with you Texans.

MEANWHILE, enjoy this first of several Hobo-Lanterns to come.

That is all.


The Howling Monkey said...

Thank you and Jonathan for a very entertaining and falsely-informative presentation. My friend, Paul, and I (Joe) drove down from Memphis and it was well worth the trip. I appreciate the actual effort you guys put into the appearance. It was a real pleasure meeting you both.

fancycwabs said...

What lawcomic said. Without the travelogue. Photos here, incidentally, including a sasquatch-like blurry one featuring a multicolored visor.

Anonymous said...

will you still blog once your book tour is over?

(the correct answer is yes.)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hodgman,

An appeal regarding your Austin appearance, complete with illustrative photographs.


bec_87rb said...

in re donated nutmeg and brandy arriving with the listeners to the event:

OMG, it's nail soup, only one ends up with sangaree! How clever!