Wednesday, October 11, 2006


PLEASE FORGIVE my tardiness.

COULTON and I will be at Elliott Bay Books in one and one half hours (7:30PM).

COULTON will be leaving early to make his own show at the JEWELBOX theater at the RENDEZVOUS.

RENDEZVOUS with either of us at either location or both.

Thank you MERLIN for the stiletto.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting Seattle again. Two Hodgman/Coulton appearances in 2 months was delightful. Please continue to come back as we adore you both.

D. L. Bailey said...

Mr. Hodgman,

Your warm reception here proved, in the event, to be well-deserved. The room fairly crackled with Hodgmania and Coultonia. All Seattle hopes our charming obsequiousness has not turned to obsession, but clamor for your return has already begun.

crooks and lucy said...

Anachronistic post and anachronistic comments.

Together at last.