Wednesday, October 25, 2006


H in Sunrays.
Originally uploaded by Annie Matronic.
This comes from Annie of Baltimore.

NOTW the beautiful 5th floor Multipurpose room.

See you tonight at Chop Suey.

Look for me near the SECRET SOCIETIES section.



Anonymous said...

It was great to meet you last night. My friend Brian (guy that asked you about invisibility/flight) shot a few photos of the event that he posted on flickr.

slippmann said...

Looking forward to your UNC and Durham events (both of which I hope to attend. Do I have to buy the book twice?) [Which reminds me of an old translation joke that I have since forgotten the origin of: "The cab driver has two noses. Please pay him twice."]

Will your troubadour attend the UNC one? I know he's got a show Friday night and will miss the Durham event. Furthermore, since he is with you, who is feeding your cat(s)?

Jeanrw said...
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Jeanrw said...

what a lovely night it was--erudite but ultimately sillily subversive

phi, excellent photos (the address got chopped by blogger, try the following---

Anonymous said...

oops, perhaps this will work?

flickr set